Why You Should Turn Down a Great Job Offer

You’ve had an interview. You hit it off with the company. They love you and they want to make you an offer. It arrives. It’s good; really good.

Here’s why you should say “No!”

Almost without exception, they want the value they think you can add to their company. They don’t actually want what makes you special and unique, the way you do things, the way you work, the boundaries you set, the tools you use; they want the results and as for the way those results are delivered? Well, you’d better fit in. They have their own culture thank you very much.

A good professional is adaptable, but this is 2018. The thing that makes you special is what you’ve practiced and how you’ve practiced. If you can’t use that, you’re no longer going to get the same results. If you’ve ever experienced this, well, now you know why.

The same is true of some relationships. Remember that term “marriage of convenience”? Same principle. Often, both parties would know what they were going to get from the other, and it wasn’t intrinsic to the other, it was almost always extrinsic — status, wealth, beauty.

If you don’t feel valued, if you don’t feel loved, say “No!”

Unless you’re broke. Then be a mercenary for a while. You’ve got to eat. Just don’t make it your life because life will pass very quickly and mercenaries don’t have a long life expectancy.

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